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Camino Real

CAMINO REAL -Shop Online_edited-2 U.C.
Camino Real is a short-day cultivar similar to Camarosa and Gaviota. Camino Real plants are more compact but less erect than Gaviota plants. The production pattern for Camino Real is similar to that for Camarosa, although it is somewhat later to initiate fruiting with most cultural treatments. External and internal fruit color for ‘Camino Real’ is darker than Camarosa and slightly darker than Gaviota. Subjectively, Camino Real has very good flavor. The fruit is outstanding for both fresh market and processing. Camino Real is susceptible to common leaf spot, and sensititve to powdery mildew. But is resistant to Verticillium wilt, Phytophthora crown rot and somewhat resistant to Anthracnose crown rot. When treated properly it shows tolerance to two-spotted spidermite.
camino real

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