• Our Black Berry and Raspberry Division will be closing as of JULY 1st. Please contact Lee in the main office for availability. 530-223-1075 or lee@lassencanyonnursery.com

Stillwater Project

Stillwater Park 2015 (4)Things are happening at Stillwater Business Park.  We are one step closer to breaking ground and building our new offices at the Stillwater Business park.  Here is an article from aNewsCafe.com about the project and how excited Redding is about what it will bring to our community. http://anewscafe.com/2016/05/05/redding-waives-60k-worth-of-permit-fees-for-new-stillwater-tenant-in-exchange-for-20-new-high-paying-jobs/

Agriculture in Israel and Jordan Valley

Agriculture in Israel and Jordan Valley

One of our growers recently made a trip to Israel to learn about Agriculture in that part of the world.  Glenn with T&A Farms was kind enough to share with us about his trip and what he  learned while he was over there.  While in Israel, he toured some farms and saw how they grow Cauliflower, Winter Wheat, Onions, Carrots, Olives, Broccoli, and of course Strawberries.  He learned about the different techniques that work best and how they work with the terrain and countryside.  Glenn also made a visit to their Water Treatment Facility and learned how they treat water for agriculture.  The process was very close to the same as what we are used to in Watsonville, CA. but there were some differences.  For example he learned they use Chlorine to kill pathogens where in Watsonville, Ca. we use Ultra Violet light.  The reason they still use chlorine was the cost. Glenn also visited Jordan Valley during his trip and saw how they grow Bananas, Lemons, Pink Grapefruit, Avocados, &  Mangoes.  All of these crops are watered by using drip tape to conserve water due to the scarcity of water in that area.  They use various methods to protect the crops from frost as well as birds and other pests. To check out photos  from Glenn's trip click on the photos below to view his slideshows.  These are in PDF Documents so you can scroll through at your leisure and read all about his travels.
Israel Water Treatment - Slideshow

Israel Water Treatment - Slideshow

Jordan Valley Agriculture - Slideshow

Jordan Valley Agriculture - Slideshow

Israel Agriculture - Slideshow

Israel Agriculture - Slideshow

Israel Terrain & Countryside - Slideshow

Israel Terrain & Countryside - Slideshow

The Israel I Learned - Slideshow

The Israel I Learned - Slideshow

Worm Farming @ Lassen Canyon

Worm Farming @ Lassen Canyon Nursery

We here at Lassen Canyon Nursery are always looking for new techniques to grow awesome plants. Our latest experiment is worm farming. Worm farming is an excellent way to recycle shredded paper scraps from the shred bin and the spent coffee grounds after the morning coffee rush. You can also feed the worm food waste instead of throwing it in the trash. The worm waste or poop also known as worm castings can improve your soil structure and the plants as well. It is rich in all the nutrients needed for plant growth. It is a very simple process if you are interested in farming your own.  Another product of worm farming is the tea you collect, it is like a high energy drink for you plants. Here are some photos of our worm farm. We started out really small in September 2015 and now here we are tripling what we started with. If you fish a lot you can have your own bait whenever you need it. Worm Farm-4853 Worm Farm-4856 Worm Farm-4857 Worm Farm-4861     Worm Farm-4866Worm Farm-4864                                       Here are a few links I found that have some great information about worm farming. http://modernfarmer.com/2013/05/how-to-build-a-worm-farm/ http://www.thewormfarm.net/

Team Robot

This year was the first year that Lassen Canyon Nursery implemented its automated plant sorter system as a fully integrated stand-alone system for plant processing. Several years ago Lassen Canyon Nursery along with its colleagues at Crown Nursery, Driscoll’s, Nor Cal Nursery, and Plant Sciences joined forces with the Robotics department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA to come up with software to “see” good strawberry plants. The software engineers came up with a vision system that was capable of identifying an acceptable plant and discarding low quality or otherwise unacceptable plants. Unfortunately, that turned out to be the easy part…the hard part was to figure out a way to get all those thousands of strawberry plants separated from one another after they were harvested and spread out on the vision belt so the camera could “see” them so the software could do its job. Our group came up with a system of separating the plants (singulating) that works pretty well and then the problem arose of what to do with the separated and graded plants after they had been sorted. The plants still had to be trimmed and organized neatly in a box that was acceptable to the customer and the box had to have a consistent amount of plants in it. Some nurseries simply had the plants graded with the machine and delivered to human trimmers who were able to go through the singulated/graded plants at a much more rapid pace than the old fashioned way. Lassen Canyon wanted a fully integrated system. It had a “back end” built that allowed the graded plants to be organized by human into small groups. The groups (in Lassen’s case we used ten plants) are set in a pocket conveyer and sent through a set of saw blades for trimming tops and roots. The plants then pass through sensors that count the plants before they fall into a hopper and on into a box that is managed by a packer. The packer neatly organizes the plants into an orderly pack. The sensor alerts the packer when the appropriate box count is reached (In most cases in the high elevation harvest, that number is 1500 plants) and the packer sends the box to be closed, stamped and palletized. Here is a video of the Machine at work: This was the first year that all systems were ready to go and the Team Robot group worked all season. At first the production was really slow as the new robot trimmers learned how to gather the plants quickly. By the end of the season the productivity of the group was up to an impressive level for entry level trimmers. The good plants they could get out of a bin of plants equaled the number the experienced trimmers got trimming conventionally which was a milestone! We at Lassen Canyon Nursery are very proud of our Team Robot trimmers and their supervisor Abraham Renaga, the Robot Handler Oscar Rodriguez and Mechanic Ramon Hernandez. Although we are sure these devices will evolve to be more automated and more efficient, we are happy to be on our way with our stand alone system. Well done Team Robot team robot-4201team robot-4215 team robot-4223  team robot-4212

2015 Macdoel Harvest

Today was the official start of our 2015 Fall Harvest of our strawberry plants in Macdoel, CA.  We started with a few hours during the day today to train and make sure the workers are familiar with the equipment and process to avoid any injury when we start digging at night.  Also making sure the plants are harvested correctly to insure the highest quality when they are trimmed, packed and shipped to our growers in Southern California and all over the world. Night harvest photos coming soon! IMG_5413 IMG_5512-2IMG_5436 IMG_5501-2 IMG_5492-2 IMG_5508-2IMG_5448-2 IMG_5439-2 IMG_5407-2 IMG_5477 IMG_5461 IMG_5455 IMG_5444 IMG_5432 IMG_5435  IMG_5428

Job Fair

Spherion Staffing




Day Shift is 6:00am to 2:30pm or until the work is done for the day.

Some variable Graveyard




WHEN: THURSDAY 9/10/2014

TIME: 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:00pm

 Positions available include:

Forklift Operators, Laborers/Dumpers,

Forklift - job fair - lassen canyon 2015 Labor - job fair - lassen canyon 2015

Stillwater Business Park

Stillwater Park 2015 (4)Still Water Business Park

From listening to the local news and reading the papers, many of you from Shasta County and the surrounding areas may already know, but the City of Redding accepted an offer made by Lassen Canyon Nursery for a 16.75 acre bare lot located in the Stillwater Business Park.  Don’t count us as the first land owners in the Stillwater Business Park yet, though!  We have to wait till escrow finalizes.  Once escrow closes, we plan to start building soon thereafter.  We plan on moving a good portion or our corporate office to this new location along with a greenhouse or two, some cold storage and our Raspberry and Blackberry Lab.  We have been at our original location off Salmon Creek Road in Redding, CA for over 50 years and are quickly out growing it.  We are looking forward to some new updated space. I will be posting about our progress as it happens to keep you all up to date. If you haven't seen the news here are the links for the interview with Kenny and some other articles that were published about our exciting news. Kenny's Interview with News Channel 7 KRCR News Channel 7 Article - 8/19/15 Record Searchlight Article 8.14.15 Record Searchlight Article 8.14.15.continued berry-197084

Going Solar

Lassen 7-3(a)

Solar Panels installed in the back field at the Main Office in Redding, CA.

At our Lassen Canyon Nursery Corporate office, we are going SOLAR.  Recently we installed several solar panels on our property, with the help of Kurios Energy, along with a parking structure near the main office.  As we all know Redding, CA can get very hot and now the Sun will be our friend by helping generate energy to help offset the cost of the electricity used to keep the coolers cool and lights on.  During the summer months when our coolers are full of berry plants waiting to be shipped for our summer orders we use on average 81,931.06 kWh of electricity per month. The new paved parking structure was designed for our office staff to provide shade during the hot Redding Summers as well as a great place to put more solar panels...you know that saying hitting two birds with one stone.  Perrin Construction did a beautiful job of paving our parking lot and adding a ADA compliant wheelchair access to the rear of the office.   Please come by and take a tour of our added improvements.
new parking lot_edited-1

Paved parking area at the Main Office in Redding, CA.