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Lassen Canyon Nursery Links

strawberry California Farm Weather California Farm Weather from the California from the California Farm Bureau Federation and AccuWeather.
strawberry California Seed & Plant Lab Inc. California Seed & Plant Lab, Inc. provides high quality pathalogical and genetic testing. CSPL is the laboratory of choice for Lassen anyon Nursery for its lab work.
strawberry California Strawberry Commission Most all fruit growers in California are members of the CSC. This is a wonderful site full of useful information about strawberries including nutritional information, recipes, and an interactive page for children and teachers.
strawberry Ekland Marketing Ekland Marketing handles the international testing and licensing for Lassen Canyon Nursery's breeding program varieties as well as for varieties developed by the University of Florida.
strawberry Eurosemillas This company handles all of the licenses outside the United States (except Canada) for University of California cultivars. International requests for California cultivars should come through Eurosemillas.
strawberry Florida Strawberry Growers Association Similar to the CSC, Florida also boasts a beautiful site that gives tons of information about strawberries.
strawberry Gurneys Can't find what you want here? Check out Gurneys for fine selection of plants, trees and shrubs.
strawberry Krohne Plant Farms
strawberry Spinghill Nursery One of the finest mail order nurseries in the country, Spring Hill has a wide assortment of trees, plants, and shrubs.
strawberry InnovationAccess The California Strawberry Licensing is now done through an organization known as InnovationAccess. All requests for propagation licenses and test growing agreements for California cultivars must be directed through this group.
strawberry North American Strawberry Growers Association NASGA represents more than 300 members in 40 states, 10 provinces of Canada and 15 countries. NASGA continues to be a grower-based association strongly rooted in the original philosophy that ongoing research will provide knowledge to strengthen and improve strawberry production and marketing. Publications include a research journal, proceedings, and newsletter.If you are in need of expert help the NASGA has a helpful link to ask an Expert.  Click here to Ask an Expert.
strawberry Strawberry Diseases Solve your pest management problems with UC's best information, personalize it with interactive tools, or find out about pest management research and extension projects.
strawberry Ultra Gro Plant Food Company Lassen Canyon Nursery attributes much of its success to its use of Ultra Gro fertilizer products. Ultra Gro Plant Food Company is a family owned business built by Merrill "Bud" Myers. Bud started Ultra Gro in 1985 and in 2008 sold his company to Harold Peters. Harold has been has been a good friend to Lassen Canyon. Contact him or any of the folks at Ultra Gro for their fine products and information on plant fertility.
strawberry UC Davis Integrated Pest Management Program Integrated pest management, or "IPM," is a process you can use to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. IPM can be used to manage all kinds of pests anywhere—in urban, agricultural, and wildland or natural areas.  UC Davis puts together this progtam for your information to help you protect your crops from pests along with the safetly of people and the environment around you.
strawberry All Around Reference Site for Growing Strawberrys This site gives you all sorts of information from Planting, Growing, Harvesting, and even Recipies and Festivials that go on. It also keeps you updated on all the latest news on the Strawberry Industry
strawberry  San Diego Edible Garden Society  
strawberry Washington Red Raspberries This site has lots of useful information on the Washington Red Raspberry Commission and the Red Raspberry Industry.
strawberry University of California Cooperative Extension Santa Cruz County This link will take you directly to the Blog: Agriculture and Natural Resources and Mark Bolda's Berry Blog page.  He talks about his research and findings with all things about growing berry plants.
strawberry Integrated Pest Management North Carolina State Cooperative Extension has some great information about pest management and new Fungicide recommendations on Anthracnose and Botrytis in Strawberries.
 strawberry Trellis Growing Systems Here is a neat little link that has a lot of information on Trellis Growing.

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