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Berry Varieties

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In addition to the many varieties of Strawberry plants we also offer select varieties of berries; Raspberry and Blackberry plants. Our Strawberry plants are harvested in two seasons High Elevation and Low Elevation. High Elevation plants are harvested from Macdoel, CA and Shastina, CA just south of the Oregon border, and Low Elevation plants are harvested in Manteca, CA. The Macdoel plants are harvested toward the end of September. Typically the harvest goes on until about Thanksgiving. The High Elevation plants are what we call Fresh Plants. These plants are dug out of the ground and then shipped to the trim sheds where they are trimmed and packed in to boxes and then cooled to 34 degrees where they can last for about 2-3 weeks. These plants in some cases can be dug and put back into the ground in the fruiting fields of our customers as quickly as 72 hours. The Shastina plants are also harvested and processed the same way but held a little longer in the cooler before being shipped out. During Low Elevation harvest in January, the plants are dug and processed and put in the coolers and cooled down to 28 degrees. The Low Elevation plants are what we call Frigo Plants. These plants are stored and shipped for our summer plantings as well as shipments throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. The Blackberries and Raspberries are harvested in Shastina usually after we finish harvesting in Macdoel. We also sell Tissue Culture or TC Plants that are grown in Redding, CA.

Strawberry Varieties


Blackberry Varieties


Raspberry Varieties


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