• Our Black Berry and Raspberry Division will be closing as of JULY 1st. Please contact Lee in the main office for availability. 530-223-1075 or lee@lassencanyonnursery.com

Variety Information

Berry Variety Information

Season E-early season EM-early mid season M-mid season LM-late mid season L-late season EB-everbearerBerry Size S-small M-medium L-large Flavor E-excellent G-good F-fairMARKET F- Fresh C- Commercial P- Processing Firmness VF-very firm F-firm M-moderately firm MF-medium firmDisease Resistant T- Tolerance S- Susceptible

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Variety Season Berry Size Flavor Market Firmness Disease
Albion EB L E ALL M T
Benicia E L G F M S
Camarosa E L G ALL VF T
Camino Real E L E G VF T
Chandler EM M-L E F VF S
Charm M L E F,P MF T
Festival EM M-L E ALL VF T
Flavorfest M M-L E F M T
Fronteras Grenada E E L L E G C C,P VF VF T S
Hood M M E F S S
Ke'oki EB S E T
Lucia EM L G ALL F
Merced Monterey EM EB L L E E E C,F F M T S
Palomar E L G C F S
Petaluma EB L G C VF T
Portola E L G ALL M T
Puget Crimson L L E F MF -
Radiance E L-M F F,C F T
Ruby June E L E ALL MF -
San Andreas EB XL E ALL F T
Seascape LM M-L E F MF T
Stella E L G F F -
Swt Ann EB L E G F T
Swt Bliss M M-L E ALL MF -
Swt Charlie E L E ALL F T
Swt Sunrise EM M-L E ALL MF
Scarlet EM L G ALL VF
Tillamook M L E ALL M T
Ventana E L E ALL VF S

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