Andrew is the oldest son of Elizabeth Elwood-Ponce (Vice President of Lassen Canyon), during this year’s harvest he has been learning the Family Business. When harvest started he went down to Southern California and sat with Mel Fernandez, one of our Sales Representatives, for a week and observed what he does. During harvest our sales reps are busy contacting growers to figuring out how many plants they are needing, then they organize and load the trucks with processed plants to head down to the fruiting fields. Today Andrew thought he would try his hand at trimming. He verified it is harder than it looks. Every plant that we ship has to be trimmed and packed into boxes of 1,000 or 1,500 (depending on weight and size). From the time harvest starts to the around Thanksgiving, Lassen Canyon Nursery ships over 200 million plants down to Southern California, Santa Maria, Watsonville/Salinas and all over the US & Canada and the World.