One of our growers recently made a trip to Israel to learn about Agriculture in that part of the world.  Glenn with T&A Farms was kind enough to share with us about his trip and what he  learned while he was over there.  While in Israel, he toured some farms and saw how they grow Cauliflower, Winter Wheat, Onions, Carrots, Olives, Broccoli, and of course Strawberries.  He learned about the different techniques that work best and how they work with the terrain and countryside.  Glenn also made a visit to their Water Treatment Facility and learned how they treat water for agriculture.  The process was very close to the same as what we are used to in Watsonville, CA. but there were some differences.  For example he learned they use Chlorine to kill pathogens where in Watsonville, Ca. we use Ultra Violet light.  The reason they still use chlorine was the cost.

Glenn also visited Jordan Valley during his trip and saw how they grow Bananas, Lemons, Pink Grapefruit, Avocados and Mangoes.  All of these crops are watered by using drip tape to conserve water due to the scarcity of water in that area.  They use various methods to protect the crops from frost as well as birds and other pests.

To check out photos  from Glenn’s trip click on the photos below to view his slideshows.  These are in PDF Documents so you can scroll through at your leisure and read all about his travels.