Today’s post is brought to you by the California Strawberry Commission.  The California Strawberry Commission is a state government agency located in Northern California charged with conducting research to support California’s strawberry industry. With an emphasis on sustainable farming practices, the commission works with strategic partners focusing on production and nutrition research, food safety training and education, marketing and communications, trade relations and public policy.

Here is an interesting article that talks about the opportunities that exist in the strawberry industry.  The California Strawberry Commission  states that 25% of strawberry farmers got their start as field workers.  With that being said strawberry farmers understand that field work is hard work and respect their workers.  Strawberry farmers provide their field workers with the opportunities to grow with in their business because they were once in their shoes.

In the past 50 years the farmers have followed all the updates with regulations and laws when it comes to safe and fair work environments for their workers.  In California strawberry farmers comply with over 70 different laws and regulations to protect their field workers, communities and consumers.  There are numerous training and leadership workshops offered by the commission available to farmers in California.

The California Strawberry Commission put together a report that talks more about the extensive work ethics and on the job training that provides opportunities for workers, along with various California Growers and their stories how they became successful strawberry farmers.  One of our very own Alfredo Ramirez is one of the featured workers that has moved from field worker to supervisor of a nursery in the report.  There are also topics on what it takes to be a strawberry farmer.  Click here to view the full report Cultivating Opportunities for Workers.