At our Lassen Canyon Nursery Corporate office, we are going SOLAR. Recently we installed several solar panels on our property, with the help of Kurios Energy, along with a parking structure near the main office. As we all know Redding, CA can get very hot and now the Sun will be our friend by helping generate energy to help offset the cost of the electricity used to keep the coolers cool and lights on. During the summer months when our coolers are full of berry plants waiting to be shipped for our summer orders we use on average 81,931.06 kWh of electricity per month.

The new paved parking structure was designed for our office staff to provide shade during the hot Redding Summers as well as a great place to put more solar panels…you know that saying hitting two birds with one stone. Perrin Construction did a beautiful job of paving our parking lot and adding a ADA compliant wheelchair access to the rear of the office. Please come by and take a tour of our added improvements.