We here at Lassen Canyon Nursery are always looking for new techniques to grow awesome plants. Our latest experiment is worm farming. Worm farming is an excellent way to recycle shredded paper scraps from the shred bin and the spent coffee grounds after the morning coffee rush. You can also feed the worm food waste instead of throwing it in the trash. The worm waste or poop also known as worm castings can improve your soil structure and the plants as well. It is rich in all the nutrients needed for plant growth. It is a very simple process if you are interested in farming your own.  Another product of worm farming is the tea you collect, it is like a high energy drink for you plants.

Here are some photos of our worm farm. We started out really small in September 2015 and now here we are tripling what we started with. If you fish a lot you can have your own bait whenever you need it.

Here are a few links I found that have some great information about worm farming.